How Political Content Marketing Influences Campaigns and Ideologies

Following the tumultuous 2016 American presidential race and its rather ugly aftermath, content marketers around the world have been as shaken as everyone else.

In this election cycle, we’ve seen a surge in the promotion of political ideology, name recognition, and the spreading of message after message, be it positive or negative, true or false.

Trine Ziegler

Trine is working as a project manager at Kolibri Online. She plans to study Political Science at the University of Copenhagen.

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Rethinking our Relationship with Keyword Research

Search engines define the internet and as an online marketer, content creator or SEO expert, you know better than anyone how vital our relationship with keywords and proper optimization truly is.

Search engines actually predate the Internet, but in the mid 90s their prevalence and relevance to marketing campaigns turned these purveyors of digital treasure hunting into tools of great importance and the value placed upon them has only grown over the past two decades.

Brian Powers

Apex Editor of Languages Around the Globe, English language mercenary, teller of tall tales, accidental expat, serial dork, social media monkey and solutions fabricator at All typos are my own.

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