What’s the Difference Between Data Driven SEO and Content Driven SEO?

You can’t throw a stone these days without hitting digital media. From Facebook to Twitter to those obnoxious little popup advertisements that somehow know about that shirt you’ve been eyeing on Amazon for weeks, the things that arouse our interest are subtly – and not so subtly – planted around us in the hopes of driving our every online activity.

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Rethinking our Relationship with Keyword Research

Search engines define the internet and as an online marketer, content creator or SEO expert, you know better than anyone how vital our relationship with keywords and proper optimization truly is.

Search engines actually predate the Internet, but in the mid 90s their prevalence and relevance to marketing campaigns turned these purveyors of digital treasure hunting into tools of great importance and the value placed upon them has only grown over the past two decades.

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Bing, Baidu and Yandex – A Look at Google’s Competitors

The prevalence of the search engine mammoth Google is so huge that it accounts for over 90% of the search engine usage here in Germany. It continues its monstrous domination of the industry throughout most other European countries and is especially common throughout North America.

Google is so powerful and prominent on the global scale that this household name has literally become a verb. To “google” something is now synonymous with running a search – it also has a catchy ring to it.

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